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  • Collective classes (English, French, Spanish)
  • Individual classes at home/at the hostel/ at the beach/ on your boat
  • Prenatal yoga for pregnant women
  • Children classes (from 4 to 12)
  • Pilates classes
  • Golfe de Saint-Tropez


The range offered by Yoga is huge.
The body becomes an unlimited playground for well-being, serenity and joy.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a purifying technique to keep the human body healthy. It works on the physical, mental and energy-giving influxes.

This very ancient practice originates from Northern India and is devoted to the body and mind. It relies on breath and energy and incorporates gestures, poises, visual stabilization, mantras, yantras, meditation and concentration. The school of Nâtha yogis developed Hatha Yoga: some ancient texts – about 500 and 1000 years old – codify its method. The best known are Hatha-yoga-pradipika et Shiva-samhita.


Motionless and endurance postures. This practice encompasses all the possibilities of the body, and acts upon the concentration of energy, the management of the breath and of the mind.

Mudra, Bandha and Drishti

Gestures, contractions and visual concentration. This practice deals with the sensitive spots of the body and its energy.


Meditation is the search of an independent state, free from torments and from the turmoil of the external world. It is a state of presence and consciousness out of time.

Mantra and Yantra

Sounds and geometrical figures that unify the thoughts and the bodily energy.


Management of the breath in relationship with the body.


Meditation is the contemplation of the thoughts and their control in relationship with the external world.

The goals of yoga:

The vinyasa flow yoga

That course synchronizes breath and movement through a sequence of fluid poises.

Asana, Vinyasas et Pranayama

They are organized in a creative way in order to develop an inner consciousness and to stimulate the warmth of the body and explore its energy performances. Music can guide the rhythm and the fluidity of the class.

The teacher develops an intelligent sequence with a specific purpose focusing on the openness of the heart, working on a particular chakra, or on the creation of a certain energetic effect.


The pranayama Ujjayi - literally “the breath of victory” – is a breathing method used during the sequence of asanas in the vinyasa classes. The sound coming from the throat is like a sweet whisper as the air goes through the nostrils, mouth shut. The vinyasa flow classes sometimes include other forms of pranayama, but ujjayi is the constant rhythmic breath, which creates warmth and guides the fluid nature of the practice. The ujjayi breath is long and deep; this growth of the breath is meant to appease the mind.

Asanas practice is based on the ujjayi breath and is often associated with meditation in motion. The lasting consciousness of the breath helps develop concentration and direct our attention towards the deep internal sensations.


Who am I?

Born in 1978, Emmanuelle Mitran started yoga when she was living in Southern America in 2003 in Venezuela. Back in France in 2007, while teaching fitness and pilates, she enrolled in different yoga classes and discovered Iyengar Yoga, from the Jivamukti school, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga during trainings with Magnus Ringberg. She quickly decided to deepen her knowledge and started hatha yoga training for 4 years.

Qualified from the Fédération Française des Pratiquants de Yoga and wishing to deepen the link body and energies, she attended the Natha Yoga teaching of Christian Tikhomiroff and discovered another dimension of the discipline, a yoga free from all the dogmas which offers a real liberty and great autonomy integrated into our everyday life. Living in Saint Tropez, she offers classes everywhere in the peninsula.


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